Looking ahead


Oh friends, the last 60 days have been so full. Full of adventure, of enlightenment, of stress, of joy…just full. I’ve been trying to think how I fit all that I’ve been up to into words, and then it occurred to me. I don’t really have words for the latest happenings over here.

Okay, not true. I am never speechless. But in this instance, I find that I need more than just words to communicate my thoughts well. So here it is… I’ll be retooling this blog over the next few weeks, more or less. I’ve found a small niche that I plan on sticking with, and I hope you’ll join me for the ride- if for nothing else than for the laughs as I chronicle my attempts at holistic living.

I so appreciate you all for stopping by, whether it’s often or occasionally, because we’re friends- whether we know each other or not.



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