Choosing Forgiveness

We’ve just crossed about a month past our anniversary, and I honestly meant to write something for that. I had the idea, but couldn’t find the words. Sometimes words just come to me, a written catharsis that weaves itself onto a page with little to no effort and spurned on by nothing but open thought.… Continue reading Choosing Forgiveness


Moving with Kids

Hey friends! Here’s the fourth and final installment in my profitable home investment series- the how I move cross-country with five kids 13 and under chapter. And even though there’s not a lot of profitability in the tips you’ll find here, I definitely think being well-organized and prepared for a big move has mega payouts for the… Continue reading Moving with Kids


Home Investment Part 3: When it’s time to sell

Hey friends! I know it’s been a while…homeschool with three kids and a baby is taking a LOT more of my attention these days. But I’m finally ready to share with you the part of this series I get most excited about: GO TIME. I feel like selling the homes we’ve lived in and loved… Continue reading Home Investment Part 3: When it’s time to sell


Home Investment Part Two, Prioritizing Projects

Hi friends, sorry for the delay. Back to school and some upcoming sinus surgery has me totally thrown off track. Bless it. Ironic because I’ve been working for weeks on how to organize my thoughts to convey that there really is no way to prepare for the way things are going to shake out when you undertake major house… Continue reading Home Investment Part Two, Prioritizing Projects


Making your home a profitable investment, Part One

Hi friends- as promised, here’s the kickoff to my series on profitable home ownership! No, this is not a gateway to some amazing product I’m offering you. No, I’m not a realtor, and yes, this is a totally-free, non-monetized blog that is literally just a dumping ground for all the inner workings of my mind.… Continue reading Making your home a profitable investment, Part One


Reflections on a Renovation

We’ve just wrapped our whole-home remodel, and I’ve had enough time now to get settled and actually share some of my thoughts. This is the prologue to a series on home renovation/home investment that I feel pretty passionate about, so stay tuned for more fun info on what’s become a profitable lifestyle choice for our… Continue reading Reflections on a Renovation