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Regrouping after loss

I had a hard time wrapping my head around writing this. But after scouring the internet for resources for myself, and several conversations with sweet friends who were willing to just listen, I realized I needed to put some words together- for myself, and for other women who find themselves here. **This post is about… Continue reading Regrouping after loss

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I got to check something off my bucket list today. I didn’t actually set out to do it. Truthfully, I’ve been working fiendishly toward completing several of the items I listed, largely because I am neurotic and manic and can’t stop working lists once I’ve started. But today’s item just kind of happened. Ironically, I’d been mentally… Continue reading Re-evaluating

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Our home birth adventure, part 1

My sweet little fella is turning two!!! Every time I get a little glance at him I am overwhelmed by how quickly it all happens. And yes, that’s the same schmucky talk that every parent says about their little prince or princess. But it’s true, friends. He’s marvelously verbal, affectionate with his little brother, interested… Continue reading Our home birth adventure, part 1

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The story behind the story

I got to tell my story to people today. We all have one, right? Our “story.” The one that defines us. I told mine multiple times today. And I’ve honestly told it a THOUSAND times. But here’s the thing you guys. It feels so good to tell it. We are who we are because of where we’ve… Continue reading The story behind the story