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Yep, that’s my screaming kid. (or, Autism for the rest of us)

In the spirit of coming back to blogging and encouraging moms to get past the fear of not doing it right, I want to re-share this post from a little over a year ago. Its themes still hold true- we can all do the mom thing well if we encourage one another in the tough times.

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Something sad happened to us this week. Maybe not sad, per se, but something disappointing and discouraging. For those of you new to our program here, Celia is my 10-year old daughter who happens to be on the autism spectrum. And this week, Celia was on an adventure with my mother-in-law, and on that adventure, Celia lost her mind. That’s my steel-magnolia euphemism for an autism meltdown, induced by sensory overload. Typically these meltdowns happen when she’s with me, and when I can use the tools in my autism-warrior-mama toolbox to calm her down. But this week, in this particular meltdown, she was with my MIL, in an unfamiliar environment, around people who don’t really know much about autism.

The fact that she had the meltdown isn’t the sad part. The sad part is that no one could handle the meltdown. No one could help. I wasn’t there. I clearly…

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