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Black Friday for a good cause

I have a favor to ask of you guys. I am totally not turning this blog into a ploy for advertising dollars (and I am 100% committed to that). I am however, also committed to getting my holiday shopping, even for charity, done before December, so our kiddos can see Christmas and the holidays as a time for togetherness and not stuff-getting. Here’s where you come in:

Right now, I’m hosting an Usborne books party online, and we are donating 100% of the free books we earn to the library at Celia’s special needs school. These books are interactive and sensory-friendly, to help kids who otherwise aren’t interested in reading learn to love it. Will you help me with this? It honestly doesn’t take much- a Christmas/holiday gift for a kid you love, or a suggestion to a grandparent (you can share this link with anyone) will go a long way in helping stock their library shelves.

Here are some favorites of ours:

  • 1001 Things to Find (we have the Pirate, Princess, and Christmas versions)
  • Llamas in Pajamas and Cow Takes a Bow (and any other phonics rhyming silliness, which crack my guys up every time)
  • The Princess Dress-Up Sticker Books (which are cling-on stickers and not adhesive stickers- win!)
  • The Pony-Crazed Princess chapter book series
  • The Illustrated version of Dickens, Shakespeare, Greek Myths, and soon-to-be-owned by us, Little Women 

My girls were not huge on reading until we started reading aloud every night. Once we introduced read-alouds of chapter books, I found them sneaking to the books after bedtime to find out what happens next. So sweet! I’ll be honest- Celia likes the look and finds better than the chapter books, and Cora finishes the sticker dress-up books on car trips in record time, but they have made amazing additions to our family, and are all great ways for our kids to embrace reading and a love of books. 

This Christmas, we’ll be getting the boys Big Books of Trains, Trucks, and Dinosaurs, and I have a few science books on the docket for our homeschool. I’m hoping to get some of the Look Inside books for Celia’s library (they have multiple layers of lift-the-flaps full of fun facts for kids), and some funny phonics books to help her and her friends with beginning reading. 

So how do you do it? Follow this link and take a look around. Every little bit makes a big difference! And fun fact: you can have it all shipped straight to you, so we can keep this whole you-know-probably-way-more-about-me-than-I-know-about-you thing going. Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

xoxo~ LWH

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