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Eating well and giving back

  In the dim light of my pantry, pine nuts look a lot like basmati rice. Either that, or I do a really shoddy job of verifying what we need before sending my hubs to the grocery store each week. (He’d tell you the latter is true.)

So tonight’s plan for peppers, broccoli, and carrot stir fry turned into quinoa burrito bowls with peppers, corn, black beans, and onions, tossed in the best homemade enchilada sauce you’ll ever taste (just add the juice of one lime) and some cilantro, and then topped with fresh chopped tomatoes. This was totally vegan and totally delish. Even Miss Co asked for seconds. 

And now I’m off to do something way more exciting than dinner. Some sweet ladies (who I don’t know) are hosting a benefit for teen moms, to support a program developed by their high school to help them continue their studies and make some pretty courageous decisions. I am always floored by the things we can do in our own backyards to be the hands and feet of Jesus. This afternoon, a sweet friend of ours gave us some great new-to-us toys for our little fellas (a welcome break from all the Barbies and princesses the girls have to share with them), and it occurred to me that it really is simple to see the needs of others and meet them with our own resources. She was cleaning out her closets, and we saved on having to buy some boy-appropriate activities for our troop. Time to pay it forward. 


Living well isn't living well if we don't give back.
Photo cred here goes to my sweet friend, Adrienne Figueroa, who captured some serious fun being had while giving to an amazing cause. Giving back always feels better when you’re surrounded by friends and you a cause you can connect to.
This morning I talked with some really sweet ladies about how challenging it is to feel like we “give enough” when we are so incredibly fortunate, especially compared with the rest of the world. I’ll be honest with you- I don’t see myself selling all my possessions and moving to the third world. But I can forgo one more Tory Burch bag for the sake of sending some teen moms to parenting classes. Or getting behind a film project that improves reproductive health education for women across America. Or helping kids with special needs have access to schools or therapies they couldn’t otherwise afford. Those things are important to me, and to my family. We give where we feel connected and led to make a difference. 

Is that you? Are there causes that matter to you? Maybe the arts, or adult literacy, or overcoming addiction? Sweet friends we all have a finite amount of resources. There will never be enough time or enough money or enough support from others- if we wait until the right time, it may never come. So if you’re entertaining whether or not to make this bowl of vegan deliciousness, or thinking it’s more of my extreme eating nonsense, please also think about where you can make a difference.  I encourage you- don’t wait for the right time. Just make time today, this week, next week. Put it on your calendar. Find the thing that gets you excited about giving and just give. If not of your money, then of your time, your listening ear, or your loving heart. The world needs to be made better right where we are, and we are just the people to do it. (Vegan or not 😉 )

xoxo~ LWH

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