Shout out!


It’s that time again. I am so blessed by my amazing friends. And this time, it’s the anniversary edition. Yep- the hubs and I are celebrating our matrimonial bliss with a little trip abroad (mainly to see some sweet friends and celebrate with them, but also to do our thang), and we were able to accomplish it with the help of some totally awesome ladies.

First off, shout out to my fabulous friend Carly, who knows I am not too proud to accept her hand-me-downs. We all need that friend who pours us a drink and helps us into our Spanx when the going gets tough. Thanks to her, I have a new little-black-dress that makes me feel a lot less mom-ish and a whole lotta sexy. I would never look this good in the clothes I buy for myself, so you are truly a gift, girlfriend.

Secondly, to my absolute GENIUS friend Kim, whose travel blog has inspired me (although her travels are a bit outside of my current lifestyle options), and who has consistently reminded me that travels are all about having FUN and letting loose. I can safely say that this trip is happening because you’ve gotten me past my fear of venturing past what I know!IMG_0009

Next up…my sweet friend Whitney, who is keeping my girls while we’re away. And she’s keeping them because she’s also my ex-husband’s new leading lady. Is it weird? It is not. Because I can safely say that she knows me and how I would be with my kiddos, and she totally honors that. I feel so good knowing that they are in her hands- she is a great mama and an excellent friend. Whit, you rock girl. For real.

Lastly, to my sister Kelsey, who is like, the best EVER. She is staying in my house, watching my boys (who by the way- still do NOT sleep through the night, not even close), and taking care of everything as if she was me. I am seriously dreading what the boys will do when she leaves, because all my kids love Aunt Kels so much they can’t stand to see her go. KJ- you are the bomb. And that is all.

I should also throw something out there to the grandmas- my mom and my MIL, who are filling in where others cannot, and who are ALWAYS doing that very thing. It takes someone special to be available for whatever, and that is exactly what they do. Who knows all the little things they’ve picked up here and there, because they’re not doing it for show, they’re just in it with us, ALL. THE. TIME. We love you and would seriously have to be institutionalized if it weren’t for you two and the way you help us maintain our sanity.

That’s all I got…now go hug some peeps that you love!

xoxo~ LWH

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