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Shout out!

There is something seriously awesome about having good friends. Friending isn’t always easy when we’re busy and taking care of kids and jobs and whatever grownup stuff we have on our plates. So I want to give a shout-out to three of my girlfriends, who, by doing something little and thoughtful, actually did something big in reminding me that we make life a little more liveable when we do kind things for one another, for no real reason at all 🙂

First off, to my sweet friend Sami B, who reminded me of the sweet times we spent having coffee and just chatting about life. When we were both broke as a joke and going to bars hoping for free drinks, or skipping the bar altogether and buying cheap wine to go with our Ritz crackers. Everybody needs a friend like you, girl. There’s just something amazing about being able to completely take the filter off and still be totally cool.  IMG_1941Second, to my inspirational friend Margaret, who in the last year has taken her life into her own hands and thrown caution to the wind, and consistently reminds me that we are in this thing together. Who comes over and brings me paint decks when I’m fantasizing about new laundry room colors (I know, lame), or wine and ice cream when it’s been one of those weeks. We all need that friend whose life may be drastically different from ours, but still adds the value of the shoulder to cry on, the wisdom of experience, and the proverbial attagirl right when you need it.

FullSizeRender 16

And lastly, to my sweet church friend Laura, who surprised me with a super-thoughtful gift today (a milk frother!) so I can enjoy my pumpkin spice lattes in style this fall. Your hubby was so right when he said your thoughtfulness is your trademark. Everyone needs a friend who listens and chimes in with the right words or gestures at the right time. I had to use that thing as soon as I got home, and my late-night decaf-latte was like a little high five in a mug. The perfect end to a successful midweek.

FullSizeRender 14

These ladies have me all inspired to give my own little hugs and high fives over the next few days, and I hope you feel that way too. The world needs more hugs and high fives. Because little things are big things. In a nonsensical, yet poignant kinda way. Happy friending.

xoxo~ LWH

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