To be or not to be…

e5f758e3e3f8a885b26959cfc8b359d5Friends, we are living in some crazy times. I think probably every generation believes they’re living in crazy times. But I’m throwing it out there regardless. Since I started writing, I’ve gotten some pretty awesome ideas from you guys- my friends and readers- of what to put into MM. You are FULL of amazing thoughts and contributions, and I am super excited that you’re interested enough in my musings to have thoughts on where this can go in the future. You’ve also given me a lot of great feedback so far. So… in response to some questions I’ve had from quite a few of you around how the heck I came to follow some of those bloggers and influencers I’ve listed within this site, I figured I’d share a few things with you, sweet friends:

  • I am a HUGE fan of a lot of people on the internet these days. Dr. Fuhrman, Ricki Lake and Abbey Epstein, the Food Babe, Ina May Gaskin, Holly Grigg-Spall, and lots and lots of food and craft bloggers.
  • Like all of these guys, I myself am a super-flawed individual. So a lot of what I say here could potentially be wrong. And a lot of what these guys say is wrong. I can’t think of anyone, even in my admiration-crazed stupor, who I agree with in 100% entirety. So these guys all represent to me a portion of views I find thought-provoking, encouraging, and even sometimes life-changing. But again- I am not blindly devoted to any of them or their ideologies 🙂
  • I myself can be a bit of a contradiction- I believe in the power of breastfeeding, but I’ve used formula just as much as any other mother out there. I’m a dedicated home-birther, but if I needed to, I’d have a baby in a hospital. I’m a homeschooler with a child in private school. And I’m totally cool with all that. Hopefully you can be too. I believe we all make the best decisions we can for our own individual circumstances based on the information we have.

Right now it seems like our world is trying to convince us there are good guys and bad guys on every issue. I get it- and sometimes that’s completely right. But the vast majority of the time, friends, there aren’t just winners and losers. There are people who have great insight on some topics and miss the point on others. There will be lots of times when I’m one of those people. The beauty of the information age is being able to investigate options for ourselves, question the mainstream, and go our own way on each topic without staying completely devoted to one path or another. Hopefully you can join me in looking for those snippets of truth out there in the midst of all the wrong, and being okay with learning as we go.

Here’s to taking what we like and leaving the rest behind; to being unapologetically ourselves,

xoxo~ LWH

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