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It’s all about the monogram. No seriously.


I know it’s shocking. Affluent white female must have her initials on everything she owns. Very rare these days.

But seriously guys. Am I wrong in wanting to spruce up my otherwise boring wares with cute little monograms? It’s like my own personal brand that follows me and the troop around wherever we go. Only when you have 4 kids and student loans and a mortgage and you know, life stuff, it seems a little ridiculous to spend $34.95 for a t-shirt with some letters on it.

FullSizeRender 5
Everything tastes better with your name on it.

Enter the single greatest craft invention ever. My sweet friend Courtney, who might be the trendiest, craftiest mama I know, introduced my to the Silhouette three years ago, and I have never looked back. Check this baby out here. Word to the wise though- wait till Black Friday if you want to make a purchase. There are literally TONS of craft bloggers out there who have deals on these- I got mine for more than 50% off including all the fancy-schmancy stuff I needed to get started. I haven’t paid for a single monogram in my house that can be done in vinyl, paper, or iron-on transfer.

FullSizeRender 4
$24.99 planner you say? Girl please. This baby was $3.99 at Target, plus $3 for planner sheets in their dollar spot. Slapped a monogram on her and check her out now.

To make things EVEN better, I just purchased my first home embroidery machine, complete with Mac-compatible software, so I can stop taking things to my friendly neighborhood tailor and just do them at home myself. (I honestly think I’ve sent his kids to college with all the embroidery he’s done for me.) Don’t want to invest in an embroidery machine? Just take what you have to a tailor. Most of my monograms are on sweaters and shirts I’ve gotten on clearance at Target, and then had embroidered for $5-$10 a piece. Waaaaay cheaper than buying them from monogram shops or websites.

Be forewarned people… I’m pretty sure I’ve been that mom for a long time, but now I’m about to be that mom times a thousand. Family and friends, if you have birthdays or life events coming up soon, I’m probably going to need your initials.

Stay tuned for pics of my creations!

xoxo~ LWH

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