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2016 = Scorched Earth

If you’re like me, you’re already holding the match with which to burn 2016 to the ground on 12/31. Like…if we can agree on anything, I think we can agree that 2016 is probably not the best year in our recall. I am sooooo ready to kiss this year goodbye. As I look at my… Continue reading 2016 = Scorched Earth

Giving back

Giving Thankfully

I love Thanksgiving. It’s my most favorite holiday of the whole year. There’s just something beautiful about a day dedicated toward looking with gratitude at what you have. I also love that Thanksgiving helps me, and ultimately (or hopefully?) our family, set the tone for the remainder of the holiday season- hopefully one of appreciation… Continue reading Giving Thankfully

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Regrouping after loss

I had a hard time wrapping my head around writing this. But after scouring the internet for resources for myself, and several conversations with sweet friends who were willing to just listen, I realized I needed to put some words together- for myself, and for other women who find themselves here. **This post is about… Continue reading Regrouping after loss

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Yep, that’s my screaming kid. (or, Autism for the rest of us)

  Something sad happened to us this week. Maybe not sad, per se, but something disappointing and discouraging. For those of you new to our program here, Celia is my 10-year old daughter who happens to be on the autism spectrum. And this week, Celia was on an adventure with my mother-in-law, and on that… Continue reading Yep, that’s my screaming kid. (or, Autism for the rest of us)

healthy living

Dirty Chai Lattes and Study Breaks

Dear friends, Have you missed me? Did you think I gave up on blogging altogether? A funny thing happened. I started checking things off my bucket list. And one of those things was to enroll in graduate school. Interestingly enough, I started college as a teen mom, and had both my girls before graduating, so… Continue reading Dirty Chai Lattes and Study Breaks