How I Manage a Weekly Day Off

  Our life is a little crazy. Homeschooling with toddlers in the background is definitely not a recipe for peace and quiet. Right now, as I’m typing in my kitchen, one toddler is trying on my sleep mask and the other one is trying to snatch it off him, and I’m trying to ignore the older girls… Continue reading How I Manage a Weekly Day Off

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The Case for Rest

Picture it: Saturday. That glorious American day set aside for yard work, housework, and catching up on that never-ending cycle that is laundry. The sun is shining, the kids are playing happily (that is, fighting like cats and dogs over a toy we literally have 7 of ), and I’m schlepping boxes up from the… Continue reading The Case for Rest


Embracing Lent

I’m finding myself going longer and longer in between posts, and friends, I promise it isn’t because I’m losing interest or because the blog phase is passing from my affections. And it’s also not because I’ve been moving our brood cross-country and re-establishing our lives in an entirely new place. Instead, I’ve been spending some… Continue reading Embracing Lent

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2016 = Scorched Earth

If you’re like me, you’re already holding the match with which to burn 2016 to the ground on 12/31. Like…if we can agree on anything, I think we can agree that 2016 is probably not the best year in our recall. I am sooooo ready to kiss this year goodbye. As I look at my… Continue reading 2016 = Scorched Earth

Giving back

Giving Thankfully

I love Thanksgiving. It’s my most favorite holiday of the whole year. There’s just something beautiful about a day dedicated toward looking with gratitude at what you have. I also love that Thanksgiving helps me, and ultimately (or hopefully?) our family, set the tone for the remainder of the holiday season- hopefully one of appreciation… Continue reading Giving Thankfully