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Shout-out to the neat freaks!

So…this picture annoys the crap out of me. I get it. The intended message here is something along the lines of “it’s okay, mama, stop freaking out about cleaning up and have fun with your kids.” Totally understandable. But like everything else on the freaking internet right now, it’s completely unfair to one side of… Continue reading Shout-out to the neat freaks!


Putting a year into a few words

We sure had a big 2015. Like, HUGE. Some of the highlights: Spent the winter months with my bro and his gang, all the way here from Prague Welcomed baby #4 (story coming in March) Started homeschooling Left my career and all associated career aspirations Started sensory-integration therapy for Celia Found a special needs school… Continue reading Putting a year into a few words

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A Thankful Home

Ahhh yes. It’s started. The trees are out and decorated in stores, Elf: The Musical is being advertised in my city, and we’ve just purchased our tickets to see The Nutcracker. It won’t be long before Christmas music is on the radio, and the real reason I’m peeved about the solid red Starbucks cups is that it’s November. Didn’t they… Continue reading A Thankful Home