Meal time madness

I had a little giddy moment today. I was approached by multiple friends about what they’ve seen here on MM, which means someone other than my mother is reading what I write! (Not that I am any less excited about you reading this, Mom.) And what did I hear from these sweet friends? Some awesome… Continue reading Meal time madness

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A well-stocked pantry

One of the biggest hinderers of stress-free meals is a disorganized pantry. Or worse, an empty one. This was me before I had my wake-up call to pull myself together in the kitchen. I’d wait until 6:00 to get started on dinner, and then search through a zillion apps and websites to see what I… Continue reading A well-stocked pantry


Getting started

This blog was born out of a desire to share what I’ve learned. Friends, being a mom- a working mom, a single mom, a married mom, a student-mom, a stay-at-home mom, and every possible combination of those- is pretty stinking hard. Honestly, being a person is pretty stinking hard. There’s so much adversity out there.… Continue reading Getting started