A jolly good time

Hello friends! I apologize in advance for the next several┬áposts- I’m NOT a travel blogger and am absolutely not qualified to tell anyone how to spend time abroad. However, I positively MUST document what turned out to be the single most satisfying trip of my life in true mom-blogger fashion, with all the fun, over-exaggerated… Continue reading A jolly good time

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Enjoying a vacation with four littles…Part 3

The Finale Here it is. The final notes on our perfect-for-us vacay with the little troop. It might not fit in with everyone’s definition of the perfect vacation, but it wayyyy surpassed my expectations and will serve as the model for all future vacations involving our brood. Rather than bore you with all the notes… Continue reading Enjoying a vacation with four littles…Part 3

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Time and solitude

Holy smokes what a week. The first 5 days of homeschool are officially in the books. When I first withdrew the girls from school in the spring (to be perfectly accurate, it was 3 days after I gave birth in March), I am pretty sure I was cracked out on the last of my pregnancy hormones.… Continue reading Time and solitude


Meal time madness

I had a little giddy moment today. I was approached by multiple friends about what they’ve seen here on MM, which means someone other than my mother is reading what I write! (Not that I am any less excited about you reading this, Mom.) And what did I hear from these sweet friends? Some awesome… Continue reading Meal time madness

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A well-stocked pantry

One of the biggest hinderers of stress-free meals is a disorganized pantry. Or worse, an empty one. This was me before I had my wake-up call to pull myself together in the kitchen. I’d wait until 6:00 to get started on dinner, and then search through a zillion apps and websites to see what I… Continue reading A well-stocked pantry


Getting started

This blog was born out of a desire to share what I’ve learned. Friends, being a mom- a working mom, a single mom, a married mom, a student-mom, a stay-at-home mom, and every possible combination of those- is pretty stinking hard. Honestly, being a person is pretty stinking hard. There’s so much adversity out there.… Continue reading Getting started