Making your home a profitable investment, Part One

Hi friends- as promised, here’s the kickoff to my series on profitable home ownership! No, this is not a gateway to some amazing product I’m offering you. No, I’m not a realtor, and yes, this is a totally-free, non-monetized blog that is literally just a dumping ground for all the inner workings of my mind.… Continue reading Making your home a profitable investment, Part One


Reflections on a Renovation

We’ve just wrapped our whole-home remodel, and I’ve had enough time now to get settled and actually share some of my thoughts. This is the prologue to a series on home renovation/home investment that I feel pretty passionate about, so stay tuned for more fun info on what’s become a profitable lifestyle choice for our… Continue reading Reflections on a Renovation


Cultivating Kindness in a World that Values Rightness

I want to tell you a story. When I was a middle schooler, I was a mean girl. I know. I’m so ashamed. No really, I am utterly ashamed. I was pretty and popular- most likely because I was pretty and certainly not because I was the type of person any reasonable parent would want their child to be friends… Continue reading Cultivating Kindness in a World that Values Rightness


When your life is small

It’s May, and that means end of year recitals are happening, kids’ sporting events have kicked off, family vacation planning is underway, and driving from one end of town to the other to get everything done is leading to near exhaustion. Except for me. Because I’m not doing any of those things. And truthfully, May… Continue reading When your life is small

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The Everymom’s Guide to Eliminating Screen Time

Confession: I love television. No, really. I love television. I come from a long line of television lovers. Sitcoms in particular bring up happy memories for me. I grew up happily gathered with my parents and siblings around episodes of Cheers and Seinfeld, and then Everybody Loves Raymond. I could watch marathons of The Golden Girls and Frasier as a teenager, and as… Continue reading The Everymom’s Guide to Eliminating Screen Time


Surviving a Threenager

God bless the parents of three year olds. After parenting four of them over a decade, I feel confident in saying that the threenager phenomenon is, in fact, a thing. And it is a really, really, exceptionally challenging, frustrating, and gloriously invigorating thing. If you are parenting a threenager, or if you have an eventual… Continue reading Surviving a Threenager